Project Assignment 3

Tableau Dashboard


Now that you have your data in the right format, it is time to make your Tableau dashboard. For step by step instructions on how to do this, see this YouTube video.

Your report should include at least four visualizations. The default selection would include a column chart, a line chart, a map and a scatter plot but there can be some flexibility in terms of the exact composition. Ideally, the visualizations should interact with one another, meaning that when you click on a country represented on the map the data for that country is reflected in the line chart, bar chart, etc.


  1. Create a Tableau dashboard following the steps outlined in the videos linked above.
  2. Using a screen recording software like Vimeo, submit a video summarizing the main insights derived from your report. Alternatively, you can submit a two to three page written summary covering the same material. Here are some things to talk about in your video:
  • What are some of the country-level trends in the data? Did any countries stand out in terms of dramatic upward or downward trends?
  • How do countries compare to one another in terms of average values of your variables of interst? Did any countries stand out or surprise you in terms of average levels?
  • What interesting relationships did you find between your key variable of interest and another variable (or variables)?
  • What connections did you make to things that we read or discussed regarding these variables in class or that you had read during the course of your research on this topic?
  1. Share a link to the app in the text field of the assignment submission.

What to Submit

  1. Your video, a link to your video, or a written summary of your insights.
  2. A link to your dashboard.

As always, if you have any questions about anything, please ask. I hope you enjoy the Tableau assignment!